Our story

With an enthusiastic wish to share with you the richness of nature, the diversity of tourist offers as well as the experiences we grew up with and are still growing, we decided to start a new story. From May 2021, our Raft Friends Forever, located on Lake Perućac, can be your refuge, a starting point for some new adventures, cultural discoveries, newly discovered tourism, or just a vacation in the silence of nature. The name of the raft Friends Forever was somehow imposed on us and it made perfect sense. Coincidence or not, you will see for yourself! We are sure that you will be impressed by the sceneries, experiences and that you will find it hard to explain the impressions in words.

For years now, Bajina Basta and its surroundings have been rapidly expanding and developing their attractive tourist potentials.

Our location is in an ideal geographical position.
With great respect for nature, the Tara National Park, as one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe is being preserved with special care. Since the old days, people have admired the beautiful and clear river Drina, which Robert De Niro once fell in love with and named his daughter by its name, the lakes Perucac and Zaovine, Mitrovac, and the idyllic sceneries of the surrounding nature.

Not far from our location you can visit the Raca Monastery dating from the 13th century. The famous Raca transcription school is still considered the guardian of our national identity. In the area you can also visit Ethno village – Drvengrad made under the leadership of Emir Kusturica, you can enjoy the ride on the so-called Shargan Eight train, which passes through the Drina canyon towards Visegrad, one of the deepest canyons in the world, and then as a contrast to that deep canyon, you can visit the river Vrelo, which bears the symbolic name Godina, meaning the Year as it is only 365m long and is one of the shortest rivers in Europe.

The small house on the Drina river, panoramic views from Banjska cliff, Soklolarica and Crnjeskovo, waterfalls, rafting, fishing, and perhaps even the Drina regatta – there is a long list of offers in this area, and the stories that remain after the visit are unforgettable.

Our accommodation in form of a raft on the river decorated with style can be your oasis which offers you socializing only with the richness of your thoughts, undisturbed by noise, or by worrying about your meals if you decide to let us take care of that. You can experience a renaissance, a state of body and spirit that you have forgotten about and stopped hoping it could be awakened again.
We look forward to meeting you. We are expecting you!